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You always know that when bloggers disappear, it's because they have nothing more to say on the topics at hand. I'd read through other peoples lives, page after page, until there was no more. How bittersweet. I'd never know if their relationship withstood the test of time or not. Before moving to another country, it's really important for your psyche to know that other people have done it successfully. Scouring the internet for new blogs about women like me was therapeutic. A long distance relationship gets a lot of eye rolls from people. Once they find out why the relationship is in fact long distance, they judge you and tell you that you're nuts. Cool, but those comments eventually weigh on you. Blogs made me feel better.

Post-boyfriendleavingthecountry and pre-movingtomexico, I hated everything and everyone. Since people thought I was a kook due to my relationship status, I lashed out (in my head) at whoever was in front of me. I thoroughly pick people apart and I'm a damn good judge of character because of it. That got to be really exhausting, as I was in college with a bunch of rich kids whose first job was the internship they had recently landed. I'm mean to people like that. I'm from a city chock-full of blue-collar folk. I've adopted a snobby attitude to those who act snobby to me because of where I'm from... even though I'm upper middle class. It's all sounds very weird and twisted when I write it down.

Those kids had no idea how good they had it. I hated them for it. I had to be away from that before my head exploded. Mexico promised happiness. While waiting until the best possible moment to pack my bags, I didn't go out much. That was what...2 years of waiting to move. I closed myself off from most of my friends, only hanging out til midnight when I did see them. I went home early to talk on the phone for hours. The waiting game really stifled my growth as an individual. 

Eventually, I started doing what and whatever I wanted. I'd go out, be at concerts, devote days to hobbies, camp at festivals. It was fun. I learned more about who I am, alone. I've haven't had that chance before. I needed to do that to grow up and figure out what I wanted in my life.

I may update this from time to time... Who knows. I hope a tiny glimpse into my story helps some other person out there with similar woes. My advice? Follow your heart or you'll never know how things were supposed (or not) to be. It was pretty fulfilling to give no shits and just move to Mexico. Our relationship was worth the struggle. I'm happy.


So... I am going to try and make it out to Mexico for New Years. I'm not sure if it'll be by bus or plane though, as round trip plane tickets are about $900 right now :O  A bus is certainly cheaper. It would be nice to meet Edwin at the border and ride back to Leon together, also. But it is also almost a 3 day trip on a bus. I can't afford that much time. I want to spend 2 weeks there. That will be hard enough to accomplish as my job didn't even want to give me more than a week off last year. I hope that since I am more integrated into my company this year, they'll be willing to work with me.

It makes me happy and breaks my heart that if I go for a "vacation," it'll just make both of us sad all over again. I really want to just have him here. This trip is basically a make it or break it thing. Sometimes, I wish I wasn't focused solely on myself. I wish I could move to Mexico with no qualms about it. Just to make it all better. But that wouldn't be the right thing for me. Or would it? Career wise it might be a good move as there are tons of American corporations near Leon. Mexico is not what I want right now. Sacrificing my goals for love is a hard pill to swallow. I haven't a clue what I'll do. I know we won't last with how we are right now.

I'm just so tired. I can't wait til New Years. 3rd one in a row in Leon, hopefully. Then what...?

I like both.

I miss going to the market every day to buy chicken, cheese, and pizza sauce. I don't necessarily miss going every day due to living day to day. We'd park the bike or get out of the cab (in the earlier days) and navigate through the maze of goods for sale. I feel like we lost the cheese guy a lot, even though he was in the center of the market. He called Edwin "Chino" because of his wavy, long hair. I'm sure he noticed him more so because he came in with a white girl every time.

A few times, I'd be left alone with the bike and the stuff we'd bought. I'd watch all the people pass. All on their way to something. Whether it be the meat guy, the cheese guy, or the locksmith. I'd notice the every so often curious glances. I always imagined they thought I was crazy. I figured every one I came across in Mexico thought I was crazy. To miss that or to miss this. I'm never sure which one wins. Living in another country will do that to you.


Loss of motivation. I feel as though I've been like that in a few areas of my life. Mainly school. Mainly because I'm taking two super hard classes (statistics and public speaking) online. There is so much that goes into them that it makes me want to quit. Obviously, I can't do that. I'm 4 years in. Senior status. So close to new job opportunities... I'll get through it. I'm just not super pleased. It is however, October. I love October.

I also give up too easily on my relationship when something bad happens. The moment shit hits the fan, I close myself off and we don't talk for a few weeks. Like anyone in a difficult situation, I try to limit the stressful moments that make me want to punch something. Recently, I've learned a lot about myself. I'm far too anxious. About everything. I've never really noticed. There's always the typical stressors like school, my relationship, or work in general.. but I also nitpick people to death in my head. If someone deviates from the way I do things, I silently flip. Not always. Mostly at work. So I'm convinced I have a moderate case of anxiety, like a million other people who are all Xanax-ed out in the United States of America. Shit is unacceptable to me. Nerve pills killed my pride and got my knee all fucked up at bus station in Mexico. I'm good.

Music is the only thing that helps me cope. And then it makes me upset because I feel the lyrics a little too hard. I do know that I couldn't work at my current job without my jam session breaks. I'd be far too sassy. The plasma center just makes you want to be a bitch. An enabler, if you will. Anywho, after not talking to Edwin for a few weeks, Dave Matthews came out with a new CD (Away from the World). Wouldn't you know every song on there is a love song describing the longing for things to be different. Okay not every song, but 4 out of 11 were extremely depressing for me. That shit came out at a good..or bad time, depending on how you look at it. If I didn't hear some of that, I would have walked away, maybe for good. Because working on a relationship from afar is very difficult.

So here begins October, a month full of cool weather (unless you're in Mexico), haunted houses (unless you're in Mexico?), and beer (of course if you're in Mexico).

Oh wait, its only the 30th. ha. Happy October Eve, then.

Instagramin my little heart out

I am an Instagram nerd. Not to the point of posting pictures of my breakfast or anything... but I do enjoy it. Not for the filters either. I just like sharing pictures on a platform besides Facebook. I hate privatizing my thingsI kind of have to on FB. Instagram, not so much ;)  So, here are some recent ones that I'd like to share.

This is Glencoe Place in Cincinnati. It's a housing development that is now abandoned. Every time they tried to fix it and bring in new tenants, it gets over run with drugs :\  Regardless, it is a very cute little neighborhood of row houses that has so much potential. Maybe someday it'll shine again. (More about Glencoe)

This is my sweet shot glass that I got as a gift from Edwin's uncle. He also gave me his awesome Azteced-out tequila bottle that I really cherish... I do need to get the shot glass fixed b/c at the top, the glass is broken. Not safe :(

Edwin & I. This was taken on my birthday (Feb) before we went to dinner. A Corona is on his head? Not sure why hehe

Clearwater Beach, FL. I used lots of filtering on this. Wasn't really needed, but whatev. I went a week ago and it was fantabulous. I really took advantage of the beach this trip and even swam out to the sandbar everyday! Now that I'm not scared of the ocean anymore, I feel like I'm a Pisces through and through ;)

Dolphins! We were on the Pier in Clearwater around sunset (when dolphins/sharks are close to shore for food) and saw a big group of them. There were probably about 15 of them total. I've never seen any up close! It made me so happy and lucky to be in the right place at the right time.

Me & my friend Brittany at Crabby Bill's in Indian Rocks Beach. I HAD to make it back to this one because the food was bomb a few years ago. It's still delicioso and I'm glad we were able to have a few drinks there too.

This was a really fun night at the towers. Edwin looks so Salvadoran here lol (he's a mutt, mex/sal)

bahaha my hair looks superb here. Very backwoods. Anyway, I'm at "the farm" in Kentucky here. My best friend and I go out with her family for 4th of July every year and its AWESOME. Got to shoot a 22 for the first time and it was a blast.

Abby (whose preggers and due in 3 weeks!!), me, and Emily out the other night. Best friends 4 eva hahaha seriously I love these girls sooo much

Alrighty, that's all for now :)

It's complicated.

Sooooooo, I haven't posted since what, May? There have been many, many reasons for that. For awhile, I didn't think it was right to even update this blog. I have my head back on a bit better. I'm more comfortable with posting now... At the beginning of June, I was fed up. I came back home in April and don't want to leave again. I realized that I'd have to leave Ohio forever if I stayed with Edwin, as he's in Mexico. I broke up with him because I wanted freedom. I seriously need freedom. For the two years that Edwin has been in Mexico, my only goal was to make it to him and live there side by side. I spent one year saving up money and building up enough balls to tell my parents that I was going to make a two week trip to Mexico. I spent the next year doing the same thing but instead, building up the balls to tell them I was moving for six months. Instead of living life, I was on the phone all the time with Edwin and in bed by midnight. I don't regret it. I just don't want to do that anymore.

When I first came back to the U.S, I took my relationships with friends much more seriously. Before, I really loved spending time with my friends.. BUT I always wished I was somewhere else (Mexico). Being back, I relished in speaking English and meeting new people. I have plans for concerts of all sorts this summer and fall. I love work and being able to drive there on my own. I adore knowing my town like the back of my hand. I can go wherever I want, whenever I want. To drop all of it and go back to Mexico permanently might break me. I went stir crazy there. I do realize that I can do all of those things there, but I don't really want to. Yet, I still want to be with Edwin. I just want him back in Ohio.... but it is not the right choice for him, me, or us.

Back to like June 3rd... I was just done. I wasn't happy about it, just numb. In the month that we didn't talk, I was okay. I was staying out late and waking up early, without a care in the world. I went to my first Phish concert (which was amazing, btw). I felt and looked beautiful. I'd never been real deal skinny until I lived in Mexico. I was loving being able to wear a bikini proudly. I can even wear bandeau style bathing suit tops because my boobs are small enough for the first time in my life! haha... it was the little things that made me happy. My life is great in the states and I was realizing that. But, I thought about Edwin everyday. I looked at my blog traffic often and saw someone from Leon, GTO coming by every couple days. I thought it was him and grew sadder (turns out it wasn't him). I wondered how he was and wished I could just call him. It didn't get any easier after that month rolled by.

I finally broke down and called him on a Wednesday. I was off and when I woke up, I couldn't stop thinking about him. I didn't know what to say. We did end up talking for hours on his cell phone number. Any of you all that call Mexico know how much more it costs to call a cell phone instead of a house phone. I didn't care. We've been talking since then but I don't know where we're at right now. I'm good with that. We started off as just friends 3 years ago. Being able to have him in my life regardless of the label is refreshing. I feel whole when we're okay.... Now I'm just working on accepting everything.

He wants to immigrate to Canada. Perhaps live in Toronto. Why, that's a 4-5 hour drive to Hamilton, Ohio. I can handle that. We could BOTH actually have decent paying jobs, make car payments, have dinner dates, AND carpet in our house. Trust me, I'd be far more accepting of Mexico if it wasn't so far from home. And if job wages were more. I can't handle living on so little. A one way ticket is almost $400 dollars... I can't afford that ticket to go home as often as I'd like. Neither can my parents. And no way my '96 Infiniti will make it there, around there for a few months, and then back to Ohio. It's laughable. And it leaves me lost. And sad. And angry. Edwin never got deported from anywhere. But all his "history" is made in the United States, which complicates a lot. He has the potential to come back to the U.S, but the chance is slim to none. I wonder if it's even worth it to pay all the money to try. Oh the conundrum... I love my life, but I can't handle it sometimes...

I have already walked on passed my crossroads and took another chance on someone I love. I have my fingers crossed. Prayers needed. Bye ya'll.