I've been uninspired. I've worked for the last I don't know how many days. I'm not complaining, just busy. I'm always busy here, I'm never home. I now have two jobs. I work at the plasma center and a pizza place. Ha, go figure, right? I dig it though. Having two part time jobs can be crappy but I'm used to my schedule now. 12 hour days are no longer daunting. It's whatever. I'm getting paid tomorrow. No more brokeass-ness for a little while. I'm grateful to have these jobs. It's always nice to know people! Heck of a lot easier to find work.

I like my new job @ the pizza place. It's a local one that's brand new. I love the food and so does everyone else. It's so busy during lunch. I just feel it's good for the city. There isn't much in our downtown and to see a new business open and thrive is inspiring. The first day that I made walking deliveries, I saw so much more beauty in downtown than I see when driving through it. It has always been kind of dead. A few years ago, a company renovated two gorgeous buildings on our high street (my mom works in one of them), turned the top floors into lofts, and businesses started opening up in the previously vacant buildings. It's great to see, as I got to see these buildings per-renovation. There is a certain charm about my town now. Other people are noticing too.

This alley used to be super creepy and dark. I'm so glad they cleaned it up.
Well anyway, aside from work, I've been with friends. I've got good people around me. My best friend since 4th grade is in her 7th month of pregnancy. I can't believe it! My other best friend is back at school for the summer, which makes me sad. I'm sure she'll be coming down here often though. My other best friend, who is a professor, helps me proofread my papers. My co-workers are all cool, work doesn't suck. I'm doing just fine. One person is always missing but this time around, I'm not gonna stay down about it. I talk to Edwin everyday and I'm happy. As long as we can make this work, which we have before, I'll be back with him. I'm just grateful for the time spent here. Being able to articulate things in English is something I sorely missed.

Best friends.
And lastly, I took some sweet pictures of an abandoned group of row houses on Glencoe Place in Cincinnati. They were built in the 1870's and have so much potential. It has always had a serious drug problem any time residents have moved into them. I believe it's because it's a small community within a community. It's sort of isolated because it's built going down a steep hill with trees surrounding it. There was once a hotel, as well. It's definitely ugly beautiful.

I like the painted doors. Some of the houses had flowers painted on them, too.

I guess its obvious that I love old homes and the history behind them. It stems from the fact that I was raised in an old home. Built in 1925. I'm blessed. I love what surrounds me.


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Great photos and glad things are going well.

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