So... I am going to try and make it out to Mexico for New Years. I'm not sure if it'll be by bus or plane though, as round trip plane tickets are about $900 right now :O  A bus is certainly cheaper. It would be nice to meet Edwin at the border and ride back to Leon together, also. But it is also almost a 3 day trip on a bus. I can't afford that much time. I want to spend 2 weeks there. That will be hard enough to accomplish as my job didn't even want to give me more than a week off last year. I hope that since I am more integrated into my company this year, they'll be willing to work with me.

It makes me happy and breaks my heart that if I go for a "vacation," it'll just make both of us sad all over again. I really want to just have him here. This trip is basically a make it or break it thing. Sometimes, I wish I wasn't focused solely on myself. I wish I could move to Mexico with no qualms about it. Just to make it all better. But that wouldn't be the right thing for me. Or would it? Career wise it might be a good move as there are tons of American corporations near Leon. Mexico is not what I want right now. Sacrificing my goals for love is a hard pill to swallow. I haven't a clue what I'll do. I know we won't last with how we are right now.

I'm just so tired. I can't wait til New Years. 3rd one in a row in Leon, hopefully. Then what...?


Jarrett E. Brown said...

My advice is to fly to Guadalajara or Mexico City and then take a bus. There are buses that leave the airport in Mexico City for destinations all over the country. Good luck and have a great trip!

Laura said...

I stumbled across your blog via other blogs that I read from expats in Mexico. I lived in Mexico to be with my boyfriend while we sorted out immigration problems. Now he is my husband and he's STILL in Mexico. Anyways, I just wanted to echo the above advice that going to Mexico City or Gdl and taking a bus from there could be a lot cheaper (though of course it will add 5-6 more hours to your travel and I know how it is when you only have limited time off of want to squeeze every last bit out of the time that you do have and not spend it stuck on a bus or in an airport if you can at all avoid it. Also, I don't know if you talk about it in your blog but is your guy open to trying to come to the US? Or is that off the table entirely? Of course I don't know you personally so I don't know all the ins and outs of your situation but the fact that you and he have stayed in touch for so long is meaningful. If it weren't an important relationship you would have jumped ship completely a long time ago...Best of luck to you!!! I know it's not easy.

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